Stranded series


**Due to sexual content, language and violence, this book is only suitable for ages 18 and up**
YI's Alaskan offered a two week all expense paid cruise to the contest winner. Erykah Moore's best friend and co-worker, entered Erykah into the contest without her knowing it. Two months later after finding out she won, she was on a vacation that promised fun and relaxation, but gave her anything but when she ran into Chance at the start.

Chance Young decides it is about time to run away from business for a while. He decides to knock an item off his bucket list. In order to do so he decides to go on one of his own Alaskan Cruise. Little did he know that it was not only going to be the break he hoped for, but also life changing.

Mishaps and misunderstandings lead Chance to offer his services to Erykah as a tour guide for the day. He convinces her to go on a dog sled run with him. Enjoying the scenery and freshness of being in Alaska, they are enjoying their ride when tragedy strikes in the form of a huge tree limb knocking them off the path and down the side of the mountain.

Forced together, Chance and Erykah's vacation just went from fun and relaxing to a fight for survival. With the help of the remainder of their sled team, they fight to stay alive. Can heat flare even in the coldest of areas? Can happiness be found even in a nightmare?


**Due to sexual content, language and violence, this book is only suitable for ages 18 and up**

“Life is an adventure.” That is what everyone kept telling Angie Waters when a group of her friends wanted to go parasailing. She had been adamant about not going at all until her best friend, Jacob Scott, said he would do it if she did.

Jake could not stand the idea of going parasailing. He was afraid of heights. Well not so much the being up high, but the falling so far. He figured his only way out, without looking like a pansy, was banking on his best friend, who never took a risk in her life, to say no. Imagine his surprise when she agreed.

Parasailing was the easy part. All they had to do was wait for the boat to move and the wind to catch their sail. Any idiot could pull that off. However, when a sudden storm comes in and winds pick up, blowing Angie and Jake way off course and into the middle of nowhere is where the real challenge began.

Would they survive to be rescued? Will the stress win over and cause them to lose their best friend? When feelings begin to change from a friendly level, how long can they resist giving in? The pressure of not knowing if they will survive to see tomorrow weighed heavily on their shoulders. Their lives were about to become an adventure they would never forget and could change their lives forever.

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